Waves and wind 6’01

La strada invisibile 5’27

Us and them 3’02

Koinè 7’14

Love song 4’29

Conversation with the moon 1’37

Recorded by Ascanio Cusella and Pasquale Minieri at Studio Elettra, Calvi dell'Umbria, Italy.
Carlo Amato mixed: Us and Them, Conversation With The Moon, Imaginary Rainbow, Elettra's Magic Stick.
Pasquale Minieri mixed: Waves And Wind, La Strada Invisibile, Koine, Love Song, Tuareg, Misteriosa with Merging technology.
Pietre sonore by Pinuccio Sciola on Conversation With The Moon played by Rita Marcotulli
Electronic sound by Pasquale Minieri Rita Marcotulli piano, voice and stones
Artistic production Pasquale Minieri and Rita Marcotulli Translation, Delia Morris
Cover photo: Andrea Boccalini
Back cover photo: Paolo Soriani


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