• Johann Sebastian Bach

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • Ludwig Van Beethoven

  • Franz Schubert

  • Nicolò Paganini

  • Nikolaj Rimsky Korsakov

  • Gustav Mahler

  • Marco Enrico Bossi

Giulio Cesari Ricci wanted to celebrate the 35th fonè anniversary with a selection of the most beautiful pieces of the classic fonè line, with various formations: quartet, cello solo, piano solo, chamber orchestra and symphony.
To underline the presence of Salvatore Accardo, Gianandrea Noseda, Charles Rosen, Uto Ughi etc ...
The recordings are in perfect fonè style, as well as the use of places with natural acoustics such as historical theaters, auditoriums and an ancient oratory.
Giulio Cesare Ricci used the legendary original Neumann tube microphones U47, U48, M49
Recorded in Stereo DSD on Pyramix using the dCS A / D and D / A convertersA state-of-the-art system without any sound manipulation, neither equalization, nor reverberation, nor compression and expansion ... but natural sound with true timbre.


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