DOS - 142 - Hi-Res-Audio - Jazz

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  1. Kashmir - Page / Plant / Bonham - 5.15
  2. Una palabra - Carlos Varela - 3.19
  3. Madalena - Ivan Lins - 4.03
  4. Piccolissima serenata - Ferrio / Amurri - 3.21
  5. Fina estampa - Chabuca Granda - 3.03
  6. Una ragione di piu’ - Reitano / Califano - 3.29
  7. È scesa ormai la sera - Ferri / Pintucci - 4.19
  8. Se non avessi più te - Migliacci / Bacalov / Zambrini - 4.37
  9. Nessuno al mondo - Nebb / Rastrelli - 3.53
  10. Algo contigo - Andres Calamaro - 3.51
  11. High and dry - Radiohead - 2.31
  12. Nueva - Hugo Fattoruso - 5.19
  13. Mother nature’s son - Lennon / Mc Cartney - 3.00

Total time 50.03

This album is the first work whose protagonists are two special Italian jazz musicians: Eleonora Bianchini voice and Enzo Pietropaoli double bass.
The duo interprets some "songs" from the Italian and international repertoire from an acoustic point of view.
From Led Zeppelin to Peppino Di Capri, from Radiohead to Ornella Vanoni, from Ivan Lins to Gianni Morandi, from Chabuca Granda to Gabriella Ferri.
The interpretation of these songs by DOS Eleonora Bianchini and Enzo Pietropaoli highlights new colors and new dynamics, creating a very fascinating atmosphere.
This time the location chosen by Giulio Cesare Ricci is a place with special acoustics: the parish of the Capuchin convent in Peccioli (near Pisa).
This “intense” acoustic created an impressive recording.
The legendary and original Neumann U47, U48 and M49 tube microphones were used for the recording.
Recorded in Stereo DSD on Pyramix using dCS A/D and D/A converters
A very natural sound.
The songs were recorded from start to finish without any sound manipulation, without equalization, without reverb, without condensing or expanding the sound.

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