MUSICI2 - 145 - Hi-Res-Audio - Classic

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Astor Piazzolla Argentina 1921-1992
  • CANTO DE OCTUBRE, for strings 
  • Adagio 
  • I. Preludio 
  • II. Fuga 
  • III. Divertimento
Héctor Ulises Passarella Uruguay, 1955
  • SUITE RIOPLATENSE for bandoneon, strings and piano 
  • Héctor Ulises Passarella, bandoneón 
  • I. Allegro 
  • II. Corale 
  • III. Fuga
Aldemaro Romero Venezuela 1928-2007
  • I. Fuga con Pajarillo 
  • II. Valtz for Clementina 
  • III. La fuerza del merengue
  • V. Fuga con Pájara pinta bimodal y Seis Numerao

This album is the last work that Giulio Cesare Ricci created with the most famous Italian chamber orchestra in the world "I Musici".
"Confluencia" contains very rare songs of great musical interest.
To record this album, Giulio Cesare Ricci chose the Seraphicum Auditorium in Rome, whose acoustics allowed for a natural timbre.
The legendary and original Neumann U47, U48 and M49 valve microphones were used.
Recorded in DSD stereo on a Pyramix recorder with dCS A/D and D/A
In this album “I Musici” tackle a very special repertoire linked to Latin American culture, which includes songs by Astor Piazzolla, Aldemaro Romero and Héctor Ulises Passarella.
It is Héctor Ulises Passarella himself, considered as one of the greatest bandoneonists in the world, who contributes to the album with a composition of three movements with which he gives a special touch and a special value to the interpretations: the famous Argentine artist, composer and musician , feels the tension of his people and his land and has provided great proof from an interpretative point of view to "I Musici", famous above all for baroque music.
As always, the sound of fonè brings out these tones, colors and contrasts: we are talking about "instinctive" music, capable of triggering the most diverse feelings. As with all fonè albums, the beauty of the sound is closely linked to the interpretation of the protagonists of this project, who have created a true "confluence" of two apparently very distant worlds.

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