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METASTASIO1 - 013 - Hi-Res Audio - Vocal

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Giuseppe Riconosciuto

Azione Sacra in 2 parti di Pietro Metastasio, versione per soli, coro e orchestra di Pasquale Anfossi

Esecuzione moderna nella versione di Roma (1776)

Personaggi ed interpreti:

Giuseppe Michela Sburlati Soprano
Beniamino Danja Lukan Soprano
GiudaRoberto Abbondanza Basso
Simeone Chiarastella Onorati Contralto
Asenetha Nunzia Santodirocco Soprano
Thanete Ferdinand von Bothmer Tenore

Wiener Jeunesse Chor
direttore Marco Ozbic

Ensemble Salieri Wien
direttore Giovanni Pelliccia

This double album was realized by Giulio Cesare Ricci at Michaelerkirche, Michaelerplatz in Vienna on May, 2000.
Giuseppe Riconosciuto is the fourth of the seven oratories written by Pietro Metastasio poet, dramatist, librettist considered the reformer of Italian  melodrama.
The oratorio represents a detachment from the settings of the passion stories present in the Gospel, towards a more theatrical style
Giuseppe Riconosciuto was written in Vienna and set to music more than 50 times.
It was performed for the first time in the scenography by Giuseppe Porsile on 12 March 1733 in the Caesarea Chapel in Vienna.
The choice of this location was dictated by its wonderful acoustics which allowed to obtain an exceptional result.
To emphasise the Michaelerkirche  original acoustics, Giulio Cesare Ricci used the original tube microphones Neumann U47 and M49 and all its equipment: advanced mike pre-amplifiers Nagra, Analog Tape Recorders Nagra 4s, line, microphone and supply cables Signoricci.
The original master were transferred from Nagra 4s directly to DSD.
With this recording, Giulio Cesare Ricci wanted the listener to live a unique experience: it is as if he were sitting on an armchair positioned in the ideal position of the Michaelerkirche
 In this position, the depth, width and height of the sound are very appreciated.

An album not to be missed!

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