1. Louisiana Blues Andrea Castelfranato acoustic guitar 2’58”
2. Kiitos Andrea Castelfranato acoustic guitar 3’40”
3. I remember you Andrea Castelfranato acoustic guitar 4’02”
4. Get Back John Lennon/Paul Mc Cartney acoustic guitar 3’19”
5. Isole Andrea Castelfranato acoustic guitar 2’53”
6. Sweet little town Andrea Castelfranato acoustic guitar 2’47”
7. Memories Andrea Castelfranato acoustic guitar 4’14”
8. Fields of gold Sting nylon guitar 3’49”
9. Mediterranean sundance Al Di Meola nylon guitar 6’19”
10. Guarda che luna Fred Buscaglione nylon guitar 5’18”
11. Quando Pino Daniele nylon guitar 3’33”
12. Vola vola canto popolare abruzzese nylon guitar 4’11”
13. Aria di te Fausto Mesolella nylon guitar 2’36”
Total time 47’39”

This album contains some original tracks composed by Andrea Castelfranato and some tracks inspired to famous pieces by Sting, Pino Daniele, John Lennon and Paul Mc Cartney ...
To point out the very famous piece by Al Di Meola Mediterranean
"no editing. All tracks on this record are heard as they were performed"
This recording has been made in the ancient cellar of the Palazzo di Scoto di Semifonte in Certaldo Alto (FI) in which the acoustics is very extraordinary.
Giulio Cesare Ricci used the microphones of his Neumann collection.
As with all foné albums, this album also has a double master: analogue for the Vinyl (AMPEX ATR 102 30ips 2 tracks 1 / 2inch) and digital high resolution (dCS AD / DA converters) for the SACD.
An album that will surely become a reference for audiophile recording lovers.


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