1 Moonglow (W. Hudson, E. De Lange, I. Mills) 2.59 
2 Espresso (K. Knowles/R. Mitchell) 3.29
3 There, I’Ve Said It Again (R. Evans, D. Mann) 4.06
4 All I Want To Do ( K. Knowles/R. Bulpin, N. Smith) 3.25
5 Don’t Say (R. Freeman-Smith, R. Strykert/P. Hyde) 3.58
6 Under The Moon (J. Dawson, S.D. Walter) 4.28
7 What’s Taken Your Smile Away? (N. Smith/J. Camilleri) 3.23
8 Nature Boy (E. Abba) 4.04
9 Turn It Upside Down ( K. Knowles/E. McCusker) 3.35
10 It Goes Like It Goes (D. Shire, N. Gimbel) 3.29
11 Every Time We Say Goodbye (Cole Porter) 3.09
12 Art Of Love ( K. Knowles/G. McFarlane) 3.37
13 Dream A Little Dream (US Kahn, W. Schwandt, F. Andree) 2.40 14 Every Once In A While (J. Dawson, S.D. Walter) 4.17
15 Moonglow (W. Hudson, E. De Lange, I. Mills) 2.48

MOONGLOW - 099 SACD - Jazz

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