1. I could write a book - 6.48 - Richard Rodgers
  2. We'll be together again - 5.42 - Carl T. Fischer
  3. No moon at all - 6.14 - David Mann
  4. Isn't it romantic - 7.15 - Richard Rodgers
  5. Boccaccio Blues - 6.12 - Scott Hamilton, Andrea Pozza
  6. Everything I love - 7.18 - Cole Porter
  7. Afternoon in Paris (4th October take) - 5.35 - John Lewis
  8. Limehouse Blues* - 5.41 - Philip Braham - *add Alfred Kramer, snare drum
  9. Afternoon in Paris (3rd October take) - 6.24 - John Lewis

After the successes achieved with the two previous albums, A Jellyfish from the Bosphorus, recorded as a trio between Italy and England, and Gull's Flight, with his European Quintet, the jazz pianist Andrea Pozza, in a duo with Scott Hamilton at sax, signs “I Could Write a Book”, testifying to a career in continuous evolution and growth.
The two artists, who have known each other for twenty years and who regularly perform together with concerts throughout Europe, always animated by mutual admiration, had been cultivating the idea of a common project for some time. The opportunity arose with “I Could Write a Book”, their first duo CD. A dialogue between equals, in which leadership does not emerge, but a great interplay and the harmony that the two great musicians have built over the years. [Jazz Italy]


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