"Carlo IX" di A. Amati (1566)

1. Praeludium und Allegro nello stile di / in the style of Pugnani 5'10"
2. Menuett nello stile di / in the style of Porpora 4'05"
3. Tambourin nello stile di / in the style of Leclair 2'25"

"Hammerle" di N. Amati (1658)

4. Rondino su un tema di / based on a theme by Beethoven 2'33"
5. Melodie  Gluck arr. Kreisler  3'14"
6. Allegretto nello stile di / in the style of Boccherini  3'21"

"Quarestani" di G. Guarneri (1689)

7. Hindu - Lied Rimskij Korsakov da / from "Sadko"  3'26"
8. Mazurka La minore - A minor  Chopin Op.67, n. 4 arr. Kreisler  3'32"

"G. Guarneri detto del Gesù" (1734)

9. La Gitana  3'17"
10. Impromptu Schubert Op. 90 n. 3 arr. Kreisler 5'29"
11. Liebesfreud "Cremonese" di A. Stradivari (1715) 3'19"

"Cremonese" di A. Stradivari (1715)

12. Tambourin Chinois  3'45"
13. Cavatina  4'01"
14. Schon Rosmarin  1'51"
15. Songs my mother taught me Dvorak Op. 55 n.4 da / from "Gipsy Melodies" 3'02"
16. Hungarian Dance Brahms arr. Kreisler 3'48"
17. Hymne an die Sonne Rimskij Korsakov da / from "Le coq d'or" 5'08"     
18. Malaguena Albeniz Op. 165 n. 3 arr. Kreisler 3'55"
19. Liebesleid  3'33"

Total Time 1h08'00"

Total Time 1h08'00"

The VIOLINI DI CREMONA Salvatore Accardo project can be listened to on two different SACDs: SACD 003 and SACD 003. This album is SACD 030 conceived, recorded and produced by Giulio Cesare Ricci at the "Sala Musica - Palazzo Cavalcabò" in Cremona on 6, 7, 8 November 1993. With this recording Giulio Cesare Ricci begins the collaboration with the great violinist Salvatore Accardo, a collaboration that has lasted for 30 years. In "I violini di Cremona" Salvatore Accardo gives new life and voice to five jewels of historical Cremonese lutherie: "Carlo IX" by Andrea Amati, "Hammerle" by Niccolò Amati, "Quarestani" by Giuseppe Guarneri, "Cremonese" by Antonio Stradivari , "Giuseppe Guarneri known as del Gesu". Music by Fritz Kreisler for violin and piano: Maestro Salvatore Accardo is accompanied on the piano by the pianist Laura Manzini. The choice of this location was dictated by its wonderful acoustics which made it possible to obtain an exceptional result. For this recording Giulio Cesare Ricci used the original Neumann U47 and M49 tube microphones and all his equipment: Nagra advanced microphone preamplifiers, Nagra 4s analog tape recorders, Signoricci line, microphone and power cables. The original analog master was transferred from Nagra 4s directly to DSD. With this recording, Giulio Cesare Ricci wanted the listener to have a unique experience. It is as if he were sitting in an armchair, in the ideal position of the "Sala Musica-Palazzo Cavalcabò". In this position, depth, breadth and height of the sound are appreciated. An album not to be missed!

ACCARDO24 - 003 SACD - Classic

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