1. AIREGIN Sonny Rollins 6’16”
  2. WHO CARES? George Gershwin 7’28”
  3. I’M THROUGH WITH LOVE Fud Livingston 5’42”
  4. OLD DEVIL MOON Burton Lane (4th october take) 6’28”
  5. DON’T WORRY ‘BOUT ME Rube Bloom 7’28”
  6. ON A MISTY NIGHT Tadd Dameron 7’33”
  7. ALL OF ME Seymour Simons – Gerald Marks 6’26”, *add Alfred Kramer, snare drum
  8. OLD DEVIL MOON Burton Lane (3th october take) 8’00”

Total time 55’ 26”

140 SACD - Jazz

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