Side A

Preludio(Organo) Organ prelude Johann Gottfried WALTHER (1684-1748):
"Concerto del Sig.r Tomaso Albinoni appropriato all'Organo"

  1. Allegro - Adagio - Allegro - 7.35
  2. Introito Gaudeamus - 2.48
  3. Graduale Domine praevenisti - 3.53
  4. Tratto Beatus vir qui timet - 3.15
  5. Sequenza Laeta quies - 2.19
  6. Offertorio Iustus ut palma - 1.26
  7. Comunione Gustate et videte - 1.54
Side B


  1. Inno Hymn Surge quid cessas - 3.14
  2. Antifona Antiphon Fuit vir - 2.28
  3. Antifona Antiphon Beatus vir - 1.58
  4. Antifona Antiphon Erat vir - 2.50
  5. Antifona Antiphon Vir Dei Benedictus - 1.59
  6. Responsorio Breve Sancte Pater Benedicte - 1.31

Antifona al Magnificat
(Secondi Vespri)

  • 7. Hodie sanctus Benedictus - 2.34


  • 8. Antifona al Benedictus Sanctissime - 1.58

Inno (tono Cassinese)

  • 9. Te lucis ante terminum - 1.51
  • 10. Inno di ringraziamento Te Deum - 5.40

Listening to this album means live again the emotion, the mysticism, the songs and the sounds of the Liturgy for the Solemnity of Saint Benedict which is held on March 21st every year at the Abbey of Montecassino.
This album was recorded in the Cathedral of the Abbey of Montecassino, Cassino (FR).
The listener will begin this sonic journey by initially listening to the bells of the Abbey ringing in celebration, the fantastic sound of the organ Op. 693 (1956) of the "V. MASCIONI" Artisan Family of Cuvio (Varese) and the extraordinary interpretation of the Monks who sing Gregorian chants.
An album not to be missed, unique!
For this recording Giulio Cesare Ricci used the legendary valve microphones, the original Neumann U47 and M49.
The master for the vinyl was created by transferring the original master recorded with the Nagra 4s 15ips 1/4 inch to the Ampex AT 102, 2 tracks, 1/2 inch, 30ips
The mastering was realized using the entirely analog and valve Signoricci system.


Data sheet

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