Side A
  • 1583 Coscia 1’33”
  • PRAEAMBULUM per trombone Frescobaldi 3’03”
  • PARTITE SOPRA “LA FOLLIA” Frescobaldi 6’05”
  • PASSACAGLI Frescobaldi - ARIA Coscia 7’03”
  • TOCCATA AVANTI LA MESSA Frescobaldi 4 47”
  • 1635 Coscia 1’37”
Side B
  • KYRIE Frescobaldi 3’31”
  • CAPRICCIO PASTORALE Frescobaldi 1’09”
  • DANZA DEI PASTORI Coscia 5’37”
  • TOCCATA (Frescobaldi) - CANZONA Coscia 8’30”
  • PRAEAMBULUM PRIMI TONI per contrabbasso Frescobaldi 2’39”
  • PRAEAMBULUM per tromba Frescobaldi 3’01”
  • 1643 Coscia 1’31”

“It is a project that involves great names of Italian jazz – Dino Piana on trombone, Gianni Coscia on accordion (we are talking about musicians with great and long experience) who together with Enzo Pietropaoli's double bass and Fulvio Sigurtà's trumpet – face a revisitation of the climate Frescobaldian musical with a concept that has been buzzing in my head for a long time: I have always thought that baroque and ancient music at the time had a great freshness and a particular immediacy in the performance phase. In Frescobaldi's time there was not the rigor with which, from the post-war period to today, musical groups approached these scores, there was a little more freedom and a bizarre similarity with jazz came to mind, that is, with freedom that jazz expresses by its very nature. Analyzing with the musicians the original scores and also the places that the great composers of the past chose for their performances, a great freedom from an expressive point of view is very evident. What better opportunity then than to see great jazz musicians enter into harmony with this world and bring out their vision of Frescobaldi? It's a record worth listening to, very, very intriguing." [Giulio Cesare Ricci]


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