Side A

Suite I BWV 1007 in sol maggiore/in G major

  • Prélude 2.32
  • Allemande 3.38
  • Courante 2.24
  • Sarabande 2.50
  • Menuet 3.02
  • Gigue 1.47

Side B

Suite II BWV 1008 in re minore/in d minor

  • Prélude 3.25
  • Allemande 3.06
  • Courante 1.57
  • Sarabande 4.07
  • Menuet 2.58
  • Gigue 2.33

This album was recorded in August 2012 at the Teatro Persio Flacco in Volterra (near Pisa), whose wonderful acoustics led to an excellent result.
For this recording Giulio Cesare Ricci used the legendary and original Neumann U47, U48 and M49 valve microphones.
The Master was made with the Ampex ATR 102 (Electronic Tube Ampex Model 351 - 1965) 2 tracks 1/2 inch 30ips modified by David Manley
A very natural sound. The songs were recorded from start to finish without any sound manipulation, without equalization, without reverb, without condensing or expanding the sound.
The passion, virtuosity and technical perfection of maestro Filippini involve us with simplicity but intensity in listening to one of Johan Sebastian Bach's most important masterpieces, the six Suites for cello, one of the first works in which the cello reaches its potential unique expressions expressing its quality as a solo instrument.
Maestro Filippini's performance, based on the solid performance tradition of the 20th century, gives a new impetus to the Suites and opens the doors of great music to a vast audience. With this LP which contains Suites 1 and 2, the project of the complete Suites of J. S. Bach on vinyl fonè begins .
An edition not to be missed, capable of touching the soul of the listener.


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