Darktown Strutters' Ball (S. Brooks) 4.20
Big Bad Bully (trad.) 3.21
Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning (T. Delaney) 5.17
Boodie-Oolie (V. Castelli - G. Marson) 4.29
Glory of Love (B. Hill) 4.17
Shake That Thing (C. Jackson) 4.00
Girl of My Dreams (S. Clapp) 3.47
Rosetta (E. Hines - H. Woode) 3.02
Wabash Blues (F. Meinken - D. Ringle) 3.57
Alexander's Ragtime Band (I. Berlin) 4.15
Sister Kate (A. J. Piron) 4.56
Weary Blues (A. Matthews) 4.51
Someday Sweetheart (Spikes bros.) 3.06
Canal Street Blues (J. Oliver) 3.50
Mama Don't 'Low (trad.) 5.26


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