1. The Loft – D. Garfield, M. O’Neill – 8.06
  2. Ana Maria – Wayne Shorter – 7.01
  3. Ganja – L. Klimas – 7.06
  4. Indiansong – M. O’Neill – 7.55
  5. Latin Slam - D. Garfield, M. O’Neill – 5.57
  6. In The Shadow Of Love – L. Klimas – 7.20
  7. Corbitt Van Brauer – D. Garfield – 5.45
  8. Nothing Personal – Don Grolnick – 8.30

Total time 57.10

Toolbox... now you’re possibly thinking that NOBODY has ever heard of a group with such a crazy sounding name as “Toolbox”...
On the contrary, Toolbox is a very well known group in the Far East, from Singapore to Japan, from Jakarta to Korea... simply because the band has toured many times doing live performances over there.
This Toolbox gang is a very special group in some interesting ways: there is no leader...no senior member, no junior member. They’re all leaders, all senior-leaguers – and all devoid of egoism. They think like a group, compose like a group and oh! how they play like a truly united group. Sure, David, Michael, or Larry will compose a new song, but the rest of the group will get behind it and all will selflessl contribute to the final result.
This is how music should be, how music was meant to be. To have recorded it, helped produce it and just to have been involved with the boys called Toolbox is one of my most treasured experiences.
Watch this space please: we are planning a “direct-to-disc” album with Toolbox, to be recorded shortly and speedily released. There are very, very few acts that can handle a direct-to-disc recording – Toolbox is one of those select few. Thank you, guys!
David Manley, California, 1992

120 SACD - Jazz

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