1. Never let me go J. Livingston - R. Evans 5’20”
2. You’ve changed C. Fischer - B. Carey 5’34”
3. Easy to love C. Porter 4’44”
4. All blues M. Davis 5’58”
5. Cry me a river A. Hamilton 6’30”
6. Dream cycling J. Mazzariello 6’18”
7. Turnaround O. Coleman 4’59”
8. Smooth and blue E. Pietropaoli 6’37”
9. I loves you porgy G. Gershwin 5’22”

Total Time 51’23”

Conceived, recorded and produced by Giulio Cesare Ricci
Recorded at the Auditorium Museo Piaggio Pontedera March 27th, 2019
Recording assistant: Paola Liberato
Valve microphones: Neumann U47, U48, M49
Mike pre-amplifiers, cables (line, digital, microphone, supply): Signoricci
Recorded in stereo DSD on the Pyramix Recorder using dCS A/D and D/A converters
Photos by Andrea Manno

The Mastering for SuperAudioCD was made by Giulio Cesare Ricci using Signoricci’s analog and valve system.

212 - SACD


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