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Salvatore Accardo - The Master
Audiophile Productions Distribution

Salvatore Accardo - The Master

ACCARDO27 - 037 CD - Classic
Price €18.90

Salvatore Accardo - The Master (cd)

Orchestra da Camera Italiana
Laura Manzini piano

Salvatore Accardo - Bernstein / Penderecki - CDGOLD24K
Audiophile Productions Distribution

Salvatore Accardo - Bernstein / Penderecki - CDGOLD24K

ACCARDO28 - 035 Gold - Classic
Price €33.00

Salvatore Accardo - Bernstein / Penderecki

Salvatore Accardo: Direttore e Solista
Krzysztof Penderecki: Direttore
Salvatore Accardo: Violino Solista

The aim of my work, exhausting and passionate, has always been that of bringing to the final support the maximum possible quality, all the times closer to the original master, in order to recreate with the different listening systems, the emotion that we feel when the "REAL" music is in front of us. 

After 25 years from the birth of the CD, I do believe that much more can be done to achieve this objective. The Signoricci CD is my contribution and is part of my evolution relatively to the digital domain, with the use of the DSD technology. 

I have developed this system to realize the PCM layer from DSD, the Signoricci CD has a quality enhancement of 20% with respect to the conventional CD, this is a strong incitement to continue on this path. 
The same technology is also used for the CD layer of the SACD. 

In synthesis, the Signoricci CD contains more details, more information; you can appreciate a more realistic sound environment, more correct tone colors, a more detailed reconstruction of the sound scene. 

Notes on an audiophile CD

A truly audiophile CD, in our views, should.
a) posses the very best performance of the music of its kind;
b) be manufactured by the most meticulous and advanced process so that the integrity of the original recording is maintained. The Fonè compact discs in the "Reference Gold 24K" serie, have been produced following in the strictest way the above standards: the titles in the range have been selected from the Fonè catalogue for their artistical and musical value and for the superior recording quality. And trying "to perfect the best", are now issued on a 24K Gold support. These are more in details some of the distinctive features of the "Reference Gold":

Gold metallization

Research has revealed that among all types of metallization (e.g. aluminium, super aluminium, anodized gold-colour aluminium) 24 Karat Gold bears the most impressive specifications in terms of uniformity of metal deposition, reflectivity and the least number of visible pin holes.

Zero Bler

The word "Bler" is the short form of "Block Error Rate". According to the "Red Book" specifications of Zero Bler Philips on the standard quality of production of a compact disc, a stamper that contains not more than 200 "Blers" is still within tolerance. Of course the less Bler the better. In a ideal situation, zero Bler is the ultimate quality and can, in principle, be achievable by today’s technology. In the Fonè, "Reference Gold" range we reject any stamper that has Blers higher than 50!


Lab tests have confirmed that 24 karat Gold CD has the highest laser beam reflectivity rating.
The high reflectivity allows the reading laser beam to be reflected back to the photo-detector at nearly full power, virtually eliminating any laser photon scattering, absorption of distortion, hence, drarnatically reducing data reading errors.